"The World is a Park with Countries in It"
Parks of the World, Inc., is a team of world leaders and thinkers who are developing a master plan for our planet based on an international park system. We call this project "Plan Earth". Plan Earth, a computer modeling tool, evaluates the environmental integrity of each country and the relationship of each country to global ecosystems to identify what is important for the earth's survival and for an integrated global international park system. We analyze the environmental factors that balance the earth's biosphere from a global scale down to the smallest scale possible and affordable. We use the latest computer applications and best information available to develop Plan Earth. We are different from governmental organizations that assist countries with their national park systems. We rely on private donations and sponsors; however, we do work with national and international governmental organizations when their expertise and shared funding help develop a country's park system.


We globally study and analyze land and water resources in Plan Earth. Plan Earth will be the tool that guides us in the development of an international park system. We plan, design, and develop management plans for parks or park systems around the world.

Parks of the World is dedicated to developing and preserving open space in the world community based on the ecological principle of biodiversity. Our goal is the development of an international park system based on biodiversity. We include the human element as part of our definition of biodiversity.

To Parks of the World biodiversity means humankind, with a variety of other distinct species, gives a unit of space the genetic variability and viability to sustain itself. Today we call the combine concept of biodiversity and planned development SUSTANIABLE DEVELOPMENT. In other words, Parks of the World views earth as a park with countries in it. If we design our environment to balance our human needs and the needs of the planet's ecosystems, humankind will live in a sustainable environment.

To have sustainable global environments based on park planing and development policies requires global management of resources structured around an international legal framework of environmental laws and innovative international economic incentives. We plan to help shape these international laws and economic theories to allow for an international park system where countries reside.

Parks of the World has developed its own concept and method for evaluating and planning sustainable development. We have discussed our idea with several individuals, universities, organizations, and governmental agencies throughout the world. We will explore these ideas on our Internet site. Our internet site will be an open forum for debates, discussions, and contribution of ideas on environmentally sustainable development, open space planning, national and international parks.

Plan Earth requires that we use the latest computer applications to develop a study of open space and ecosystems on a global scale. We are developing Plan Earth based on sustainable development and biodiversity with a network of parks and different and sometimes unconventional types of parks and park systems to balance the global pressures from human development.

Plan Earth will examine the degradation and the impacts to the earth's biotic communities by studying our present path. Plan Earth will also provide different case scenarios for balancing and enhancing the planet's ecosystems. These scenarios will give an estimate of survival of the human species in relation to each scenario we explore.

By using Parks of the World's expertise and computer mapping experience, Plan Earth will provide a global approach for understanding the ecological balance of the earth in relation to an international park system. Plan Earth also will advance the concept of open space planning and sustainable development in the world community.